How to connect Apple Studio Display to a PC?

Connecting Apple Studio Display to PC using Display Port to USB-C (Thunderbolt) cable is tricky but doable. There are a few requirements that both the cable and PC have to satisfy.

  1. Your graphic card has to support DSC and DisplayPort 1.4+ (as far as I know, all new RTX cards support it)
  2. The cable has to support DSC, DisplayPort 1.4+, and min 5K resolution (I haven’t found any cables that are precisely 5K, so it means the only option is to buy a cable that supports 8K)
  3. Important: The cable has to be bidirectional. Most of the cables are unidirectional, which means they’ll only work when using Display Port as input (in the monitor) and USB-C as an output. The cable has to work the other way around, ie. Display Port as output, USB-C as an input.

I found this cable to be working perfectly. What’s worth mentioning is that your Apple Studio Display speakers and the camera won’t work using this solution. If that’s something you’re after, this article may be helpful.

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